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This website is managed by Showa Aircraft Urban Development Co.,Ltd. ("Show Aircraft" hereafter).
Please only use this website after reading and agreeing to the following text beforehand. Furthermore, Showa Aircraft may change the conditions of use for this site so please check the details according to your frequency of use.

By using this website or downloading content from this website you agree to all conditions below.

Copyright and Range for Other Use

  • (1) The information posted on this website (included but not limited to writing, logos, trademarks, trade names, photos, illustrations, and data) is protected by the copyright acts of each country, various treaties, and other laws. Furthermore, the Showa Aircraft brand names used on this website are the trademarks of Showa Aircraft or are registered trademarks. The company names are either each company's firm name, a registered trademark, or a trademark.
  • (2) Information provided for personal or non-commercial use may be viewed, used, and partially downloaded. However, it is forbidden to use this information (including for duplication, change, uploads, posting, forwarding, distribution, licensing, sales, or publishing) beyond the limit provided for personal and non-commercial use.


  • (1) Showa Aircraft pays careful attention so as to provide accurate information when posting information on this website, but does not bear responsibility for the accuracy or validity of this information. Furthermore, please understand that Showa Aircraft may suspend management of this website or change information on this website without prior notification.
  • (2) All information on this website is provided "as is" without any guarantees either explicit or implicit. Showa Aircraft makes no guarantees either explicit or implicit concerning marketability, compatibility with particular goals, or the lack of infringement. Nor does it make any guarantees in the process of transactions, use, or business or any other guarantees.
  • (3) Preventative measures against computer viruses which may be contained in the information downloaded from this website is the responsibility of the user. Furthermore, Showa Aircraft bears no responsibility for indirect, special, resulting, or incidental damage (*1) even when Show Aircraft knows that such damage has arisen.

*1 This includes but is not limited to lost profit, exchange costs, or programs or other lost data arising from the use or inability to use this website (including all other linked websites) as well as damage arising from relevant posted information or the use of relevant posted information.

About Information Collected on the Site

  • (1) Please refrain from sending private or proprietary information through this website to Showa Aircraft. Furthermore, you consent to the fact that sent information is not private or proprietary.
  • (2) You consent to an enforceable free license for Showa Aircraft that is limitless, non-repealable, and global with limitless use, duplication, display, public, use, sending, and distribution for provided information. Furthermore, you consent to the free use by Showa Aircraft of all provided ideas, concepts, and knowledge.
  • (3) The user here will assure that they are providing no information or materials which contain the private or proprietary information of third parties to Showa Aircraft.

Linked Sites

  • (1) There are linked sites on this website that are managed by third parties outside of Showa Aircraft. The management of these linked sites is the responsibility of the third parties and they are not under the management of Showa Aircraft so please follow the user agreement for each site as set forth on the linked site when using these sites.
  • (2) Showa Aircraft does not in anyway guarantee the services, products, or content of linked sites. Furthermore, Showa Aircraft does not bear responsibility or make any guarantees concerning any damage arising from the use of these sites.

Forbidden Actions

The following actions are forbidden when using this website.

  • (1) The use or reproduction of this website or information on this website for commercial purposes (excluding transactions with Showa Aircraft)
  • (2) Adding changes in some way to information on this website.
  • (3) Linking this website without receiving the prior consent of Showa Aircraft (*see reference on linking Showa Aircraft's website)
  • (4) Accessing parts of this website not intended for general access.
  • (5) Reproducing this website's code.
  • (6) Testing the system's vulnerability or breaching the security or certification system.
  • (7) Sending or posting a harmful computer program.
  • (8) Slandering Showa Aircraft or third parties or damaging their reputation.
  • (9) Performing illegal actions.
  • (10) Other actions recognized as being inappropriate by Showa Aircraft.

Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The application and interpretation of use of this website and this user agreement will be based on Japanese national law in so far as there are not other special stipulations. Furthermore, all disputes related to the use of this website in so far as there are not other special stipulations shall first be heard by the Tokyo District Court.

Links to Showa Aircraft's Website

We welcome links to this website. However, please understand that we may reject links depending on a website's content or linking method.

Link Conditions

  • (1) Links to Showa Aircraft's website may be made freely regardless of whether the link origin is commercial, non-commercial, or on an intranet.
  • (2) Link the following address: Please inquire here when you wish to link other files or pages.
  • (3) Showa Aircraft does not bear any responsibility for compensation from third parties for your website or any other complaints or demands. Please do not damage the linked Showa Aircraft website in any way in relation to compensation from third parties for your website or any other complaints or demands. Showa Aircraft does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the Showa Aircraft site content which you have linked.